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“So what are you looking for in your next role?”

“So what is it you do?"

Availability update

TDD site & Enigma Simulator relaunched

PHP as Framework

A certain sort of style

Minimalist is the new white

Posted elsewhere: Quora

Posted elsewhere: Medium: Crystal Clear?

Job Hunting: time to warm this thing back up

Forming Japanese Verbs

Get out there and say YES! on Thursday

A few words on Voting

So what's an iPad for, anyway?

A note to those seeking to make Electoral Reform "Nick Clegg's problem".

Why SJA's adverts freak me out, and why they matter

Resources for studying Japanese

Volunteering at Bletchley Park

New site:

TDD Deciphered, Part 12: Spare Parts

TDD Deciphered, Part 11: The final pieces, and a real decrypt

TDD Deciphered, Part 10: Assembling the Machine

TDD Deciphered, Part 9: Implementing the real rotors

TDD Deciphered, Part 8: Putting the Rotors in place

TDD Deciphered, Part 7: Handling the Ring Offset

TDD Deciphered, Part 6: Setting the Rotor

TDD Deciphered, Part 5: Why test first?

TDD Deciphered, Part 4: First test

TDD Deciphered, Part 3: Toolchain and Project Setup

TDD Deciphered, Part 2: Architecture of the Enigma Machine

TDD Deciphered, Part 1: Developing an Enigma Simulator with PHPUnit

Security: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow: ACCU Conference at Bletchley Park, November 7th 2009

Geeking the days away.

FoWA 2009

Posting elsewhere: iPhone app reviews

#Amazonfail - an apology is not an answer

The Essentials of Ubiquity


PHP: What's to learn?

iPhone favourites and iTunes whines

Twitterquette: Why are you following me?

So who is Microsoft anyway?

Of Roadworks and iPhones

Getting Started in PHP

Usability by counterexample (between a Rock and a Hard Plaice)

Twitter roundup

The trouble with twitter

It's all information

Going beyond actions in Zend Framework MVC

Using Zend_OpenId_Provider

Documenting Protest

PHP UK Conference 2009 Call For Papers

What's in a name\space?

Dev Log: Spend Online

The finest postal service in the whole of the UK!

So you want to build a software team? Part 6: Task Ticketing

FoWA summary

Omnipresent Data vs Privacy

FOWA day 2


So you want... some content?

Fixing the iPhone's GPS "Ghana" bug

Connecting to the Eve Online Test Servers with the Mac client

An open request to podcasters

New Eve toy

A small project: new Eve Online tools

I might as well blog while I'm waiting

So you want to build a software team? Part 5: Trac Wiki and Source Browser

So you want to build a software team? Part 4: A Team Wiki

So what's wrong with this site anyway?

So you want... - A few notes on the series.

So you want to build a software team? Part 3: Subversion

The litany against hype

A few notes on the new iPhone firmware

To serve as a warning to others.

So you want to build a software team? Part 2: Code Sharing

So you want to build a software team? Part 1: Sandboxes

ZF, but not so's you'd know it.

Product review: Rapid Japanese, Earworms Learning

And now, a break from your unscheduled programming

It's the security, stupid

A few comments for iPhone buyers

Dear Apple...

Blockery is theft!

Installing PHP 5.3 on Mac OSX 10.4

State of play

Trivial SSH tunnel

FoWA show report - the talks

Plazes experiment

Where are we going?

Don't give up the day job?

So what's up with this site?

Using and remembering strong passwords

Tools of the trade

A few notes

Software is hard

Testing potential developers and spotting bad PHP

Great PHP coder needed!

For future reference: "Ajax Arrives for the Enterprise"


How to be a good developer

PHP Conference UK, 2006

Review: Essential PHP security

Project now public

Cheap GPS with powerbooks; What Works

More on directory-style paths

Still watching?

London explosions: data replication

It's the quiet ones you have to watch...

99 and up

Code sneaks out...

Flash and compliance

This site has no PHP!

Loadrecord - graphically monitor your system and network load.

Tools of the trade

Installing Mailscanner on Debian-testing - with exim 4 and clamAV

Installing PHP5 on Debian-testing

Home network backups with BackupPC

Where next?

Motivation, inertia, and daft names

Light relief

Long time no see...

PhaseJournal and PhaseFotoBilder

Diversion with GTK

Revisions and synchronisation


And release!

Looking more like a project

Thoughts from JZ

[Book Review] Jeffrey Zeldman : Designing with Web Standards

[Book Review] 37 Signals : Defensive Design for the Web

Site Structure

Back, but busy



Designing user logins - part two: permissions

Designing user logins - part one: account creation and sessions


Blog Archive - part two: a better URL

Blog Archive - part one: switching to multiple pages

Dev notes: Why livejournal?

Today's CSS bug


Really Simple RSS

And Action!

Design 1: IE-Mac bites too

Design 0: And IE still bites

Because the world needs another design blog

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