Design 1: IE-Mac bites too

Current FP snapshot:

You'll notice that there's a mac-hack in there on line 35(ish):

31 .underbanner {
32 position: relative;
33 width: 100%;
34 margin-top: 128px;
35 /* whack-a-mac ! \*/
36 margin-top: 0;
37 /* ! */
38 }

Apparently ie-mac won't position a relative div properly after a relative div - the second overlaps the first by 100%. So, for the benefit of everyone's favourite rabid weasel of a browser, I've added line 34, which kicks the second main div down by 128px, and for the benefit of browsers having a clue on this count, I've then undone this in line 36.

See: if that hack's new to you.
Posted by parsingphase, 2004-04-07 10:40

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