This site has no PHP!

Ok, so that's a complete lie - the entire backend is PHP/MySQL - but I felt I should write something to mark the fact that both the soft page content in the CMS and the template that generates (currently) every page of the site are now pure XML. This means that soft content can now be properly handled as XHTML, stripping out any tags that might be unsafe for users (eg <script>), and that users can create templates with dynamic content without having to run them as PHP.

To allow dynamic content such as the login box (note that account creation is still disabled), the image banner rotator and rss boxes are substituted by special XML tags in the namespace "phase" - eg: <phase:element> and <phase:template> in the templates (for dynamic elements and CMS content respectively) and <phase:inline> within the user-supplied CMS content. These are then substituted out when the pages are generated.

Of course, as there's still no input functionality for all of this (it's currently dropped straight into the database) there's still quite a way to go before this becomes a really useful CMS, but this is an important landmark. The banner images, by the way, are just a selection from 3 years or so of digital photography - they're my own pictures, not for public use, and so aren't covered by the GPL as the rest of this project is.

Posted by parsingphase, 2005-04-07 14:28

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