Loadrecord - graphically monitor your system and network load.

Lurking within the codebase of this site is a new version of a script-set that I've been using for a few years to monitor both my own servers and those of my employers. Having tidied it up, I'm making it available for public use (under the GPL, as ever) - the latest version lives in loadrecord.tgz in the download area.

To get an idea of what it does, see this screenshot. It's still got raw patches (consider it alpha, in that I've never needed to polish it up), but it's usable; to do so, unpack loadrecord.tgz somewhere convenient (I keep it in /var/lib/loadrecord) and configure it as follows:

  • Edit the file "script/loadrecord.pl" to point to a convenient log directory, and make sure that the webserver can read from it.

  • Install a crontab entry such as

    */5 * * * * /var/lib/loadrecord/script/loadrecord.pl (it must run every 5 minutes) to collect the data for analysis.

  • Edit the file "www/index.php" to list the interfaces you want to display results for.

  • Link the "www" directory into your web tree somewhere (by aliases or symlinks). You'll need PHP to run on this directory with GD2 enabled.

Now (hopefully, and once the cron script has gathered some data), you'll be able to see the output in your web browser by viewing the index.php file - it should look something like the screenshot linked above. Note that you might need to tweak permissions on some things to make it work, though - this is a geek release rather than a public one ;)

Posted by parsingphase, 2005-04-05 14:43

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