Design 0: And IE still bites

Quick notes on design issues I've met (I need to rewrite this entry as time permits).

1) Moz appears to down-shift the top of the top div if the h1 inside it is visible.
2) IE doesn't set the "underbanner" div to 100% width unless forced, but will still display the background-color 100% wide! (leftcol content was appearing inside centercol until this was forced!)
3) Goddess only knows where the right box edge of centercol is in the various browsers. I'll settle for fixing the *content* edge!
4) Box Model Error means leftcol width is a bit different in IE 5.5 for now - not a critical issue!
5) Title image is 90° from reality - looks better that way!
6) Newsboxes ("greater minds than mine") will use :hover selector to expand story, and be ul/li/ul based!

Testing in: Op7, IE 5.5, Moz 1.7b.
Posted by parsingphase, 2004-04-06 21:17

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