Long time no see...

Well, it's been quiet on this blog for a while - so what caused the gap?

A couple of things, as it happens. Firstly, most of my development effort has been going into the previously-mentioned LJ and Fotobilder clients. The LJ client at least is now a useful and fully-functional piece of software; the Fotobilder client is slightly less effective, for reasons yet to be debugged. These now have their own LJ support community at http://www.livejournal.com/community/phaseclients/

Secondly, much of my energy was taken up with my job - web developer / Sysadmin for a Soho creative agency. Great fun, and they've got the the right idea on cross-browser and semantic design. Unfortunately, their (and my) fortunes took a downturn and they had to let part of the digital team (myself included) go.

So, since then I've been rehashing my CV and looking for a new job (having taken some time out to relax, since I'm still being paid off). Anyone who's curious about my CV and hasn't seen it, let me know...

Now, however, I've got a few weeks before I need to start (paid) work again, so it's time to put some more work into this site and related projects. RDF/RSS and XML/XSL are high on the investigation list, as is the Creative Commons project. Expect cc-marked material to appear on this site at some point.

To get this started, logically enough, I've been reading the archives of this blog to jog my memory on design decisions and ideas. In doing so I found that the blog wasn't really optimised for sequential reading, so the first bit of site code in a while has been added - navigation is now present on individual entry pages, both as visible navigation and REL links. This latter is used by various browsers such as Mozilla (in its "Site Navigation" toolbar) but probably not MSIE :/

Now all I need to do is poke around the code a bit and decide what needs writing next.. I suspect CMS features might be a sensible start point, as it'll provide somewhere to use upcoming features!

Posted by parsingphase, 2004-10-07 13:42

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