PhaseJournal and PhaseFotoBilder

This site now hosts two desktop applications: PhaseJournal and PhaseFotoBilder. Both are PHP-GTK applications designed as desktop clients for LiveJournal services.

PhaseJournal is a simple desktop client to update your LJ and watch for new friends posts. Its main innovation is that it autosaves your posts to your hard drive to avoid the dreaded "LJ ate my post!" problem. It also works well as an online editor in that you can keep updating a post without closing the edit window - ideal if you tend to want to add to entries after you've posted them.

It can also download your journal entries as basic text files which can be searched with your computer's file search feature.

It's simple, but effective. Currently it supports all LJ posting features except the "screening level of this post" one.

PhaseFotoBilder is a client for the new LiveJournal photo hosting service, FotoBilder. At the moment this service is in a closed beta-test stage, but will be made available to all (paid?) LJ users in due course. The client can upload one file, or a whole directory, to your galleries on FotoBilder, and then pop-up a PhaseJournal edit window with thumbnails of the images you've just uploaded, to allow you to post images to LJ in just a few mouse clicks. At the moment the client lacks the option to set security levels for your images, and to download them, but these will follow as the FotoBilder service stabilises.

Both apps will shortly be available in a 0.1 release in the files area, which also contains installation instructions. The apps appear to be stable and useful, but will still have some bugs - please report these in bugzilla under 'GTK-clients'. Feature requests will be prioritised as to which are the most useful, or those which people are willing to make contributions for ;) (ie amazon, paypal)

In practical terms this means that I add functionality at a pace my social life can sustain, rather than perpetually trying to add "one more feature" to a client that no-one's genuinely interested in. However, this will be the client that *I* use, so I do have some interest in improving it over time!

Posted by parsingphase, 2004-07-30 16:49

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