A few notes on things that have changed on this site without being noted:

1) Magpie: As noted this library is required for RSS reading. As an external dependency it will not be packaged with the project or managed in subversion.

2) Templating: To allow generic header operations (and any other requirements) the templating has been converted from a simple file include to a function call in revision SVN-6.

3) Permalinks: The initial permalinks from the journal on this site pointed to /byjid/number. However the site structure doesn't properly support these, so journal entries are now at /journal/byjid. Rather than put special code into the project to cover a brief short-term error I've put a RewriteRule into the server's apache.conf

4) Symlinks: They aren't. I've no idea how versioning systems handle them, and besides which they're not portable between platforms. Therefore I'm using file includes to link from trivially simple files in /frontend to index.php files in /backend

5) CVS: Evidently I've used Subversion in its place. It seems to be suceeding in its aim to be "a better CVS".

6) Users: User account generation/registration/login code is active on the site but serves no real purpose yet - logical usage should follow shortly. Not all of the functionality described in has yet been implemented.

7) Bugs: Any bugs in this site or the project code can be reported at

8) Naming and voice: This site will now be written in the first person; "We" sounds too artificial. Titles will have the first word capitalised only (Imported RSS feeds will vary). Ampersands will generally be avoided unless there's a reason to use them. "Login" is the noun, and "log in" the verb. Lists have periods.
Posted by parsingphase, 2004-06-02 19:34

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