And release!

A couple of aspects of using Subversion for personal projects that I'd not previously noted; firstly, that when you know people can view all your old code as well as the release versions, you tend to be tidier, and second, that SVN means you can always have a recent functional copy available, through the joys of svn export.

A result of this is that I've now got the code into a working form in Subversion, and I've just copied that code onto this live server. I've also tarballed it into a release, named "svn-8" (from its current subversion number).

Feel free to peer into it, but be aware that it's buggy. The code is released for interest only, under the GPL.

This site will *very* shortly be using svn-9 code, as writing this entry in HTML will need some modifications to the journal display code.

At some point fairly soon I'll need to find a way to copy the changelog and version number into a release automatically.

Install instructions are here, manually-uploaded changelog here.

UPDATE: SVN-9 code now live on this site and available in files area

Posted by parsingphase, 2004-06-02 17:17

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