Looking more like a project

Further to the post of 2004-05-09, I've refactored the code into a logical directory structure, and placed it under Subversion control (see: http://subversion.tigris.org/ ). Having got this out of the way, the way is now fairly clear to get on with the actual coding!

I've also written the first part of the user account code, so that users can create accounts on the site (although they can't yet validate them).

However, you won't see the changes on this site yet. As is good practice in site design I've set up one of my home boxes as a staging server, and it's this box that's also running subversion. It's behind a firewall, so there's no public subversion access as yet. This will follow at a later date, as I gain confidence with subversion administration. This will also tie into my bugzilla server, allowing full bug reporting and tracking of fixes.

If there is interest, I can post changelogs directly to this journal, and upload code tarballs (which won't be fully functional to start with).

At the moment the project directory structure is as shown below. Note the /trunk, /tags and /branches directories as specified by subversion.

Posted by parsingphase, 2004-05-31 14:28

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