Thoughts from JZ

A couple of points from DWWS that deserve to be expanded on:

1) Many companies callously discard Mac users, Unix users, non-IE users and anyone requiring usability enhancements. JZ (Jeffrey Zeldman, in case anyone thought I meant JWZ for some reason) points out that, philanthropic reasons (or for that matter common decency) aside, this means that these markets, while small, are massively underexploited. Effectively, they're a market waiting for someone to come and sell to them. And they're all markets that are going to be particularly responsive (and grateful) to companies that listen to their needs.

2) XHTML is XML.

Well, duh. But what does that actually mean?

One of the much-vaunted features of XML is that data stored in one schema can automatically be converted into another (eg by XSLT). This means that, when you want to update a site written in well-formed, compliant XHTML 1.0 to a later standard, you should be able to do so in a purely automated fashion. Of course, if later standards require information that's not specifically provided, you may have to add a little information - but chances are this should be minimal and/or constant site-wide. XHTML 1.0 puts you not just on the first rung of an upgrade ladder, but an escalator ;)
Of course, if no extra data is required, future browsers can perform this translation automatically, and will therefore ALL be backward-compliant to XHTML 1.0 (and in 10 years we'll find that astounding). The only tricky bit is likely to be CSS to XSL conversion, and I imagine that's not a hugely complex task.

(Oh, and I note that the W3C validator's had a facelift. Take a look :)
Posted by parsingphase, 2004-05-29 17:43

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