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Well, as you can see, this site is now somewhat less "white-labelled" than it was when the last blogpost was written. It's now got an actual identity and some of the styling of the old phase.org site. Critically, this is all built on top of the white-label layout mentioned previously; the styling is all held in a private composer-managed module which adds custom templates to the Twig stack and holds all CSS and images in a resources directory. Thanks to the flexibility of composer and Silex, the difference between the white-labelled and styled branches is one extra module required in composer.json, and one line to register a ServiceProvider in index.php.

This site is now built from 4 custom modules:

parsingphase/adze-base-site: "wrapper" project of under 200 NCLOC including configuration and build tools, serving as an example functional deployment of the Adze framework.

parsingphase/adze: A very lightweight framework built on Silex, combining various open-source libraries to produce something more "out-of-the-box", with working persistence, templating and user services, and default white-label templates.

parsingphase/blog: A functional blog module built on top of Adze.

parsingphase/phaseorg-styling: A private module containing the styling and resources specific to phase.org. Not required for a "white-label" site.
Posted by parsingphase, 2014-09-15 15:45

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