Get out there and say YES! on Thursday

In a couple of days we get our best chance for generations to promote a system of government based on consensus and agreement rather than minority ideologies. The No campaign has been so entirely based on lies and myths that many of its own leading members have disowned their methods. Even David Cameron seems to find their methods unpalatable, and many generally non-political people of all walks of life have spoken out against them.

But, because confrontational, partisan politics suits the mass media better than the constructive and collaborative (if slightly boring) approach the country needs, they're using their power to encourage people to stick with the same broken system of single-party dominance. If they succeed, we'll be stuck with the same old politics for decades. Please, get out there and vote Yes to AV on Thursday, encourage others to do the same, and help guarantee us a political system that works together for the whole of our society.

A "No" vote, or abstaining, isn't a vote for PR instead; it won't save us money, it isn't "simpler", and it won't "send a message" to Nick Clegg, or whoever the media have chosen as their scapegoat of the day. It'll just consolidate the status quo that so many of us are sick of, for generations more.

I made many of my arguments behind this position in a previous post, so take a look there if you're interested. This time, I'm just asking you to do something good for all of us.
Posted by parsingphase, 2011-05-03 21:23

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