So what's an iPad for, anyway?

Now here's a test - I'm trying to touch-type this on my iPad in a coffee shop. I suspect I need to trust to the autocorrect feature!

These are a few of the ways I've found myself using the iPad recently.

TV: streaming from the Elgato EyeTV in my laptop. For films, the built-in video functionality and/or Air Video.

Digital photo frame - built in functionality, or use FlickStackr for remote pics. With the camera adaptor kit, it'll also be a really good in-the-field preview device for my DSLR.

Book (or bookshelf). ePub functionality's built in (iBooks) but it's pretty good on PDFs too, particularly if you add Goodreader.

Magazine / comic. Numerous apps, particularly Wired, Comics, Marvel, Zinio.

Remote keyboard (yes, really - it's almost touch-typable, and I suspect with practice it'll get easier. Plus, for those occasions when you're not actually at the keyboard, you're probably not trying to type a great deal anyway). Touchpad's my current app of choice for this. The standard Apple iPad case puts the screen at a pretty good angle for this, or for TV/film/photo use the other way around.

SSH terminal - remote server admin. iSSH is excellent, and apparently even includes an X server. Plus, VNCLite when you need full GUI access.

Secondary monitor - Air Display seems to work for everything short of full-motion video.

Journal. Yes, you really can type fast enough on this for it to be useful. But you need to cut your fingernails short or it won't register some hits! Or use an external keyboard.

Meeting notes - it feels less invasive to use an iPad than a laptop in a meeting, and Soundpaper is excellent as it keeps an audio recording of the meeting that's synchronised to your notes. No more "but what did we agree!?!"

Weather station - WeatherBug and AccuWeather are both useful for quick reference.

Of course there are also masses of games available for this thing, and things like Adobe Ideas are quite fun for doodling. Plus Twitter clients galore, Skype, and so on... And all the things I tend to use on the iPhone for language learning - dictionaries, flashcards etc

I'm sure I'll think of more later, but for now I'm quite pleased at how usable and versatile this thing is...

Ah, I've not mentioned web or email - presumably they go without saying, don't they?

(I've cleaned up a few typos in this on my laptop and added the app links in).


Posted by parsingphase, 2010-05-30 13:56

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