Because the world needs another design blog

Blogs are often accused of being self-referential, but really, most of them just aren't self-referential enough; they always talk about the blog's author rather than the blog!

This one - initially at least - should avoid that problem. It's a blog about information, interoperability, and the occasional cruel and unusual pun. To start with, it's going to be all about itself - a design log of a site, noting all the design decisions and CSS annoyances that pop up as I code something that looks (in my rarely humble opinion) great, but is also fully standards-compliant and browser-compatible (although there will be caveats on that last!).

The premise of this site is to start with nothing, and develop it. Previously when I've done site rebuilds I've needed certain elements to be available to me quickly, so I've ended up kludging something out of my old code libraries without time to properly analyse and integrate it. For this one, however, I'm goign to use external tools and integrate them as I go along. For example, the blog is a livejournal, which will be pulled into the site via the LJ Synchronisation interface - although initially it will only be available at until I can integrate it effectively - then add all the features (categorisation, search, comments, syndication etc) that I feel a blog should have.

In its full form then, it will cover (as I said) information, interoperabilty, standards compliance, CSS, XHTML, PHP, mySQL, XML, RSS, RDF and everything I feel useful in building, running, and maintaining a webserver on a LAMP platform, and sharing data with other sites.

There will almost certainly be some moderate politics too, which will explain just why I'm quite so interested in information exchange and usability.
Posted by parsingphase, 2004-04-06 21:16

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