My good friend @barneyhanlon has been specifying the next release of the SVN version control system recently, with some help from our design team:

More of their contribution can be found on flickr

The latest version of Subversion is in alpha, and a list of new commands are in testing. I've added a list of some of those currently in testing so that you can familiarize yourself with them. Note that as the product is in alpha this will be a growing list as I believe there is a "wishlist" system going on.

svn repent
Used after another repository user has set svn blame. Indicates that the user acknowledges the fault and is very sorry.

svn resent
Used either after an svn blame function or to show disaffection with version control. The flag essentially shows that the use of Subversion in general is causing them distress.

svn relent
Used to either stop the above two commands or to stop arguments regarding changes to a committed file.

svn revolt
Turns the svn client into a simple FTP program, bypassing the version control system.

svn commie
Flag to show that the user has an ideology they wish to express. Allowed flags are -che, -stalin, -marx, -lenin, or -lolcats

svn tor -rent
Turns the subversion client into an anonymous Torrent client and hides the resultant .iso files in the repository. If used in conjunction with svn blame, then the IP address of another user is stored so the RIAA will seek legal action against the other user.

svn odd
Marks that changes made by another user look weird.

svn picard
Immediately makes a file live, sucking the entirety of the company bandwidth to do so, and bypasses the sysadmin.

svn ensign
Sends a request to the sysadmin for a tag and release, attaching a lolPicard to the email with the -caption attatched. The default caption is "wtf is this shit?"

svn fu man chu
The file is deleted, but the world shall here from it again.
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