Going beyond actions in Zend Framework MVC

The basic model of Zend MVC is the use of Modules, Controllers and Actions. Each URI is translated via a set of specified or default routes to call a specific action, which, in the default behaviour selects and populates a view which is then automatically rendered.

This works well for any behaviour which is URI-specific, but doesn't work so well for controller-wide or site-wide behaviour, or behaviour repeated in multiple (but not all) actions.

These are handled in plugins and helpers, but precisely how to use those can be confusing (by which I mean, it took me a while to work out). There are multiple event-triggered functions that can be implemented to run at various times, as well as those which are called according to route, or manually.

The complexity further increases because Plugins, Action helpers and even Controllers can fire on events. Plugins have six possible event triggers, and controllers and helpers can fire on preDispatch and postDispatch.

There's a useful visual guide to those timings at http://surlandia.com/2008/11/03/zend-framework-plugins-action-helpers-and-controllers-life-cycle-during-dispatch/

As for particular use cases:

Plugins are registered with the front controller in the bootstrap file, and fire at any of the 6 triggers for all routes / actions.

Controller events (pre/postDispatch) fire at specific times when their own controller is routed, alongside the appropriate Action functions which tend to perform the bulk of the work.

Action helpers designed as pluggable functionality that can be registered and called as required (usually by Action functions), but can also "prepare" and "clean up" after themselves by means of their triggered functions.

The role of this post is only to clarify (partly for my own benefit) the above options and differences; for more detail, Matthew Weier O'Phinney has some excellent articles at Zend DevZone:
http://devzone.zend.com/article/3372-Front-Controller-Plugins-in-Zend-Framework for Plugins and
http://devzone.zend.com/article/3350-Action-Helpers-in-Zend-Framework for Action Helpers.
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