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Occasionally I get reminded that there are actually people reading this thing, and that it's more useful to them when I actually write something on it. Fair enough - I'm aware that, due to a combination of illness, holiday and work - and the fact that I've been actually writing code, rather than writing about it - the series has stalled a bit.

It's not going to restart this minute, as it's 11pm and I'm just back from PHP London, but I'll continue where I left off shortly. And, having done some work with it recently, I'll add PhpUnderControl / CruiseControl to the topic list - I've found it to be much more useful than other Continuous Integration tools I've tried.

I'll also, at some point, talk more about the human side of running a team (it's been very technical so far), but in the meantime, I promised I'd pass on some resources.

Firstly, my Agile PHP Development Bookshelf list at Amazon, which contains some recommendations on technical and management books.

Secondly, a couple of podcasts that have been recommended to me (but are, I have to admit, still waiting to be listened to): Manager Tools and Stack Overflow.

I should probably dig out my blogroll too, but that's on another machine...

(and yes, I *will* add tags to this site at some point so you can filter content....)
Posted by parsingphase, 2008-10-02 22:54

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