State of play

So, I've fixed the RSS feed on, taking the chance to play with some PHP DOM code. The feed's actually built up as DOM operations - probably overkill for RSS, but an interesting exercise, and it should mean I can't somehow create a badly-formed feed. Although, as the post itself is encoded as CDATA, I'm not quite sure what'd happen if I tried to include the CDATA escape sequence. No, I'm not gonna try it now, it's late.

Why fix the feed now? Because Nigel James has come up with the great idea of aggregating the blog feeds from PHP-London members, and he was going to include mine 'til I broke the feed. Plus, my imagination has just been fired up by recently attending FOWA, *and* I've just got a new job, *and* I've got two weeks off, *and* I've been promising for far too long that I'd actually start blogging again. I've also been meaning to put some social and political content on here too (much as many other tech bloggers do) and Ming Campbell's resignation tonight provides as good a start point as any. Oh, and the revelation that people think I might actually be saying stuff worth following is useful too...
Posted by parsingphase, 2007-10-15 23:07

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