So what's up with this site?

You may have noticed that is suddenly looking a bit bare. The reason for this is that I'm currently going through a code quality exercise, slowly porting the material from phaseCode into a newer framework. This will mean that I have a set of properly-encapsuated, autoloadable and properly tested code to which I can rapidly add new functionality.

So far I've put in just enough to display a journal (and a couple of other bits of back-end functionality which will be released later), and some of the features that were on will be ported over in time. However, this time I'm focussing less on "interesting features" than on stuff that I'll actually use - for systems where I have a perfectly good system available to me elsewhere, I may not actually bother with the porting.

For example, I've not put any new gallery software on this site. flickr does that for me fairly well, so what you'll see here are a few API tools (or the outputs thereof) that make flickr more useful for me. For example, I recently added a GPX-to-flickr app in the backend, so my photos can now be geotagged automatically if I have a suitable GPX file on my laptop.

Some of those can be seen on my flickr map.
Posted by parsingphase, 2007-07-30 19:45

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