A few notes

1) This codebase *sucks*. Proof as ever that you always think your code is great until you learn better.

2) I've *finally* started using __autoload() on this codebase.

3) I've implemented captchas and comment notifications.

4) The site's claiming to run 5.1.0RC6; in fact it's 5.2.0RC6; Ilia was just having a rough day when he packaged it ;)

5) Even on a laptop, twin-monitor working makes life a *lot* easier. As do single-line multi-site update scripts, version control, and good IDEs.

PS) I think Torchwood's on now. It's probably the best thing on TV at the moment, but having not turned my set on in about 3 months I'd need greater motivation to break the pattern.

Posted by parsingphase, 2006-10-21 20:06

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