It's the quiet ones you have to watch...

Almost 3 weeks since I last updated here, but that doesn't mean nothing's happened. In fact a lot's been going on - 14 commits have brought enhancements such as:

  • Locally-hosted comments and RSS - making the journals (on the display side) fully independent of LJ

  • Improved CMS management incuding page relocation

  • Option to switch files between albums

  • Conversion of the CMS from array-based to object-based and far more flexible updating

  • PHPDOC documentation of source code

  • Non-sequential URLs for albums

  • Login via OpenID

The codebase has also been rolled out on two other sites (private for the moment), proving its flexibility and locating a few stray bugs at the same time!

I'm really pleased with the current state of the code - the OpenID consumer (albeit very basic) could be a key enhancement for the target audience, as it can be combined with a couple more features to allow access to certain facilities / albums / etc to a user's LJ friends automatically.

Posted by parsingphase, 2005-07-04 17:39

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