99 and up

The codebase on phase.org has now reached SVN version 99, which makes a good point to look at where it's got to now. Most of the main modules I've been aiming for (Blog, CMS, Galleries, Forums and Events) are in place and functional, and are approaching release quality. The usability and consistency in most of these is good, too - the /admin switch works on most pages and will soon be added to the rest. AJAX systems are being used to do backend checks and lookups to save the problem of submitting data before finding there are errors, and the CMS checks XHTML content for well-formedness as it's added - even highlighting the error location in the edit area where possible.

Since the last update here, the galleries have gained a "display" page - which fits the image to the user's browser window dynamically as well as providing filesize and description data. And the event system can now be managed via the admin interface - the last major element (apart from the blog, which is remotely updated) which lacked that functionality. The RDF display of events is somewhat experimental though - I don't know much about how this might be used - so comments are welcomed.

There's still plenty of fixes and tweaks to do, even before I add new modules, but I'm really happy with the state I've reached. Now I can step back and fill in the gaps without feeling there are major elements missing.
Posted by parsingphase, 2005-06-17 14:06

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