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Quite a bit of work's been going on on this site recently between paid contracts, but most of it's been behind the scenes in the back end. This has included some work on file galleries (not just images, but files of any sort), chat forums and an events diary. These are being developed in parallel, display-side first (ie, data's input directly into mySQL until the admin interface is built). Once complete, this code will allow a much-needed rebuild (and redesign) of .

For now, a gallery has been put in place to show the originals of the banner images; for the moment it's fairly basic, but worth adding to expand the site a little. After all, this site is likely to be a perpetual work-in-progress, although that'll become less obvious as time passes. Events - probably from local PHP / Linux groups will probably follow next, athough the to-do list is long enough. The template system, for example, could really use recoding - the XML and template conversion aspects are fine, but the content-gathering side is still fairly crude and lacks functionality.

A lot of the site management code is now in place though, alongside a cleanup of the site's URL structure. Most dynamic pages and modules can now be modified by appending "/admin" to the URL - there's no real nav in place for these yet, but that will follow.

Work's also being done on the CMS, which is now pretty much functional; I've added a 'redirect' field in the CMS table to allow non-CMS pages (and external ones) to appear in the menu hierarchy - if a redirect field is found in a page, a 302 redirect is performed to the new location, whether internal or external. This now means I can get rid of most of the hand-coded navigation and let the CMS manage that task. This promotion of the CMS in turn should allow me to put more content (personal information and a portfolio, for example) in place fairly soon.

And finally I've fixed a bunch of XHTML validation bugs on the site (despite claims of compliance, some of the imported and dynamic content wasn't clean), bringing the site back up to par.
Posted by parsingphase, 2005-06-10 11:39

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